Maunfacturing / Factory

Our Manufacturing Software is a comprehensive solution designed to automate intricate manufacturing processes.

The Main Benefits

Our Manufacturing Software is a comprehensive solution designed to automate intricate manufacturing processes. From managing raw materials to tracking finished goods, handling manufacturing orders, and overseeing resource allocation, our software streamlines every aspect of production.

Total Control

Meet customer demands on-schedule with the use of equipment, materials, and staff management in optimal condition.

Meet Customer Demoand

Integrate your production planning with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing and accounting.

Visualize Real Time

Let your employees report work progress and production issues independently and real-time with the self-manufacturing.

Accurate Reports

Monitor manufacturing expenses thoroughly from material to finished goods calculation with accurate and real-time reporting in one system.

Why Choose MAQSU?

Innovative with 18 Years
​​​​​​​of Experience 

We are confident & trusted
our R&D team to develop
new technology for clients.

Fast & Fully Support

Speed is our culture & we have a dedicated team to support your business.

Happy & Quality Guaranteed

If you are not happy with our service, you can make a request 100% refunds.

The Main Features

With features like bill of materials management and more, it serves as the Complete ERP Manufacturing & Factory System Software in Cambodia, catering to the diverse needs of manufacturing businesses in the region.

Manufacturing Management

MAQSU simplifies operations, coordinating and synchronizing teamwork from back office to production.

Sales & Purchase

Streamline sales and purchase processes for quicker transactions and improved customer service.

Inventory Management

MAQSU ERP simplifies inventory management, allowing easy tracking and control of stock levels.

Financial Management

Keep track of the financial states of your entire business, including income, cash balances, accounts receivables, and etc.

Approval Management

Approve or disapprove sales or purchase requests with just one click. Minimize unauthorized purchases.

Dashboard / Reports

Monitor financial activities on a daily basis, enabling better financial planning and management.