Trading & Distribution

In Cambodia, distribution and trading businesses face intense competition across various industries.

The Main Benefits

MAQSU ERP cloud software solution that integrates all of your distribution activities, from sales order to invoice / payment, to develop new revenue sources, decrease costs, and differentiate your business.

Seamless Inventory Tracking

Get an accurate estimate of the amount of stock items that must be given in automatically track stock movements.

Digitalization of Procurement

Reduce the risk of waste by automating the ordering and organizing each purchase request with a matrix of approval levels.

100% Accuracy on Reports

Gain instant access to crucial business data and get complete, real-time financial information that helps you make better business decisions in single glance.

Easy Sales System

Control and monitor in real time all components of the selling process from Sales Order / Delivery Order / Invoicing on Mobile App or Cloud.

Why Choose MAQSU ERP?

Innovative with 18 Years
​​​​​​​of Experience 

We are confident & trusted
our R&D team to develop
new technology for clients.

Fast & Fully Support

Speed is our culture & we have a dedicated team  to support your business.

Happy & Quality Guaranteed 

If you are not happy with our service, you can make a request 100% refunds.

The Main Features

This comprehensive software solution offers numerous benefits, enabling companies to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in the dynamic trading landscape. For trading companies, MAQSU ERP offers a plethora of benefits to streamline operations and drive growth.

Sales Management

Streamline sales processes and your sales team for quicker transactions and improved customer service.

Purchase Management

Generate purchase requests and convert them into purchase orders instantly. Create and send quotations to multiple suppliers.

Inventory Management

MAQSU ERP simplifies inventory management, allowing easy tracking and control of stock levels.

Financial Management

Keep track of the financial states of your entire business, including income, cash balances, accounts receivables, and etc.

Approval Management

Approve or disapprove sales or purchase requests with just one click. Minimize unauthorized purchases.

Dashboard & Report

Monitor financial activities on a daily basis, enabling better financial planning and management.