Tenant / Rental Management

For tenant or rental business, having the right software tools is essential for innovation and growth.

The Main Benefits

Our Tenant / Billing Management System is designed to meet the unique needs of apartment rental, borey property management, condo, supermarket, office rental, vehicle rental or service subscription business. With features such as billing management, property management, contract, accountingm invoicing, and other features, our software empowers teams to work efficiently and effectively.

Improving Productivity x10

By replacing time-consuming data entry tasks, with our software, you will save your admin tasks and data entry.

Solve Cashflow Issue

Invoice notify feature to send notification to you and your customer about pending or late payment via telegram or Email. 

Increase More Revenue

Using a maintenance management and quotation to increase more revenue with our existing clients.

Accurate Report

Gain instant access to crucial business data and get complete, real-time financial information that helps you make better business decisions in single glance.

Why Choose MAQSU?

Innovative with 18 Years
​​​​​​​of Experience 

We are confident & trusted
our R&D team to develop
new technology for clients.

Fast & Fully Support

Speed is our culture & we have a dedicated team to support your business.

Happy & Quality Guaranteed

If you are not happy with our service, you can make a request 100% refunds.

The Main Features

Whether you're business owner of condo, apartment, borey vehicle rental or subscription service company, our solution is customizable and scalable to fit your specific requirements. Simplify your technology processes, improve collaboration, and accelerate innovation.

Billing Management

Running reccuring invoice and use QR Code for recording the meter of water supply and electricity with just few second.

Property Management

Manage your property item and information in detail and create a contract and payment schedule. 

Financial Management

Keep track of the financial states of your entire business, including income, cash balances, accounts receivables, and etc.

Notification & Alerts

Stay on top of payments and receive timely alerts, ensuring seamless financial management and cash flow control.

Faster Sales
& Purchase Control

Streamline sales and purchase processes for quicker transactions and improved customer service.

Finances Monitoring

Monitor financial activities on a daily basis, enabling better financial planning and management.